Specimen projects, relevant experience - examples

Scenario-based strategy development & strategic workshops facilitation

Major clients - strategy development projects : Czech Telecom; Johnson & Johnson; Alcatel CZ; Expandia Group - eBanka; VaTech (presently Siemens Engineering); DattelKabel (presently UPC); PVT (presently Asseco); Unipetrol; Chemopetrol; Aliachem; Avon Cosmetics

Vision building & implementation planning

Česká pošta, Johnson & Johnson, PPG Architectural Coatings, TechData Distribution, Velux, Komerční banka; Saar Gummi; Apollo Zdravotná poisťovňa; Lesy SR;

Business model innovations, market position enhancement, creative segmentation

Komerční banka; GE Capital Bank; ČEZ; DattelKabel; PVT (Asseco); Osram; Skanska;

Integrating strategy development & implementeation projects with company identity renewal (culture transformation)

Flagship project / client : Johnson & Johnson
Other projects / clients : ČEPS - Czech Power Transmission Comp., Mora Moravia (Gorenje),

Culture renewal / transformation consulting & coaching

Major projects : Czech Refining Co.; Johnson & Johnson; Linde Gas; Třinec Steel; Unipetrol; Saar Gummi; Mead Westvaco;

Transform desirable behaviours into customer-oriented performance and competency development standards

Inventa Competency Repository : European Managerial Competency Standards (asKit 2003+) & Customised solutions and applications (e.g. Johnson & Johnson, ČEZ, Janssen Cilag, PVT Asseco etc.) ČEPS

Authentic process organisation, process redefinition, performance improvement

Pražská teplárenská; ČEPS; Linde Gas;

Facilitation of Board-level action & innovation workshops

Major events / projects : ČEZ; Johnson & Johnson; Microsoft; Appian Group (presently Czech Coal); Linde Gas; Westvaco; Czech Refining Co.; Apollo Heath Insurance Comp., Slovak Forrests; Expandia Group; ČSOB; ČEPS - Czech Power Transmission Co.; Holcim; Unipetrol; Chemopetrol; Mora Moravia (presently Gorenje); Skanska CZ; Barum Continental; Avon Cosmetics;

Action-oriented open space workshop facilitation

E.g. Alcatel CZ (70 managers), Linde Technoplyn (5 times 170 employees); Danish Power Association (350 congress participants), ČEZ (80 top managers, including CEO); Holcim (60 top managers); Skanska (250 managers); AB Facility Management; Linde Gas;

Change Management-by-Projects

Strategic framework development & change project launch - major clients : ČEZ; Unipetrol; Chemopetrol; PVT (Asseco); Expandia Group; Chemopetrol; North Moravian Power Distribution Co.; Johnson & Johnson; Osram - Siemens Group; ČEPS - Czech Power Transmission Co.;

Target setting and parameterisation of "soft" performance, peformance and competency development metrics

same referrals as under Change management-by-Projects & Scenario-based strategy development

Teaching / developing creativity

3 dozen programmes in Inventics - From Ideas to Committed Action (open enrollment and in-company programmes)

Innovations in action : Idea generation & innovation development

e.g. Cisco Systems- & T-Mobile- & Microsoft-sponsored action workshops on Customer-Driven Innovation (25-30 CEOs + 20 IT executives) :
§ Construction industry & facility management (2006)
§ Pharmaceutical industry (2006)
§ Automotive industry (2007)
Other projects : Johnson Controls Automotive; Avon Cosmetics, Barum Continental; Czech Coal;

Innovation strategy development, creative potential enhancemen

Edscha Bohemia, Hewlett Packard, Johnson Controls, Southern Moravia Development Agency, MeadWestvaco

Strategic thinking enhancement

Avon Cosmetics; Eurest; Honeywell Technology Solutions; ZVVZ Milevsko; Aliatel; PVT (Asseco)

Leadership development & change management

InBev; Slovnaft;

Core competence analysis & redefinition

integral part of most Inventa´s strategy development projects

Inventa Strategic & Transformation ToolBox - set of tools enabling the client´s teams to cope with the any problem effectively

Covers a broad set  of explanation, forecatśting, idea generation, decision making and implementation/execution problems. Tested in multiple consulting projects, in-company trainings, and open enrollment programmes - most notably InterLeader®, InterManager®

Comprehensive executive development programs

Severomoravská energetika, E.On Bohemia, Skanska, Siemens, Česká pojišťovna, Expandia, Ciments Francais; Tabák Philip Morris; PRE Pražská energetika; Čokoládovny-Nestlé-Danone;

Blending consulting/advisory, training/tutoring, facilitation & coaching competencies

20-year record : based on Inventa´s process consulting approach geared to the know-how transfer conforming with the Confucian motto : "Teach a man how to fish …."


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